Friday, February 4, 2011

My Turkish Lady

Arriving in Istanbul, we noticed a weird case of old school lifestyles mixed in with modern civilization. Also to our surprise, it was almost impossible to find anyone who spoke English, compared to Egypt where even the street kids were fluent. The huge city was difficult to tackle at first without having any communication with locals, but thanks to their super efficient tram/metro systems we conquered it pretty quickly.

I was so intrigued by this lady weaving away, I didn't notice her staring right back at me.

Fresh pom juice is delish

We spent some time in the courtyard of the famous Blue mosque before being even more dazzled by its interior. This is where we lost one of our travel mates, and spent a couple hours searching for him with no such luck.

a man washing before entering to pray

Hotel review: we spent our time in Istanbul sleeping at the brand new Han Hostel. It was the cleanest, most comfortable, and best decorated place we stayed throughout our travels. The staff thankfully spoke English, unlike the rest of the Turks, and they had a great chef. The only unfortunate part was that it is a significant distance from the interesting parts of Istanbul, so we had to give ourselves over an hour to get to/from the city center via the metro.

By the way, the travel mate that we lost eventually found his way back to our hotel, and is alive to this day.

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