Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Castles and wifi don't quite mix

Yes, castles are incredible. But unfortunately, at least with this castle in particular, they aren't in convenient locations for internet..

They claim to have wifi here, but I have attempted to access facebook, skype, gmail, hotmail, etc., and I can't even get to their home pages. for some reason, though, blogger is slooowwwlly loading. So I apologize for the lack of communication, but blame the Brits. It's their fault for not providing me with better service. I just waited for literally ten minutes to try and load a picture of the castle for you, but couldn't even get to where it allows me to choose the picture I want.

I will update you on the positives of this place as soon as I can get to a cafe in town or something. For now I am going to go sheep tipping or play football or something more interesting than this super slow internet.

Ps. the exciting news of the day: there is an outreach opportunity for 10 Capernwray students to go to Kenya after Christmas. I want to go.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


twenty four hours until landing.

Thank you for your prayers regarding my lack of passport. It arrived last week!

The visa was a no go, however, so as I land in the UK extremely soon, please continue to pray that God's will would be done when meeting the Customs officials. It could turn into a sticky sitch. Pray for an old lady as my customs official.. I like them.

But hopefully in a couple days I can actually post something interesting on here.. maybs with a few lame touristy pics..

Monday, September 13, 2010

Passport Patience

The UK Visa Services officially blows. Without going into the dirty deets, my student visa was deferred back on August 9th due to me not having the "correct birth certificate" with my application documents. I was given a week to get the "correct birth certificate" to the Visa Services, but unfortunately the process to get the certificate can not be done in such a short time. This caused my visa application to be declined on the 16th of August. 

Now I know how worried you all must be for me, but no need, I do not actually need a visa to be able to study at Capernwray, as the term just barely fits into the maximum time slot permitted for students to stay in the UK without any visa. So no worries, you may all sleep easy tonight.

However, due to the great customer assistance the UK Visa Services provides (that's sarcasm), my passport and other essential documents are still at their office in Ottawa. So with eleven days left before leaving overseas (hopefully), I would love prayer for my passport to make it back to me in time for me to make it to Bible college for the first day of classes. That would be greatly appreciated.

On a better note, the fam jam got together this weekend to get some pics taken before we all go our separate ways for the year. Here are a few of them, not including the full fam ones. 

*photo creds go to Brooklyn Simes*